This is the WEB page of Northern Access Television's Christian Interview Program,
"Spirit of Life", on Channel 31 - Melbourne Community Television, Melbourne, Australia.

The program is now on air, on Channel 31 Melbourne, at 11:30pm every Wednesday evening - with repeat screenings, Saturday 6:00am, Sunday 5:00am, and Tuesday 3:30am

LATEST EPISODE - Episode 327 - 7 Sept 2011 - Lucia Doyle.

Sponsorship Urgently Required:

In order to ensure the continued production of our program we need to find regular ongoing sponsors.

If you can help, or know any Christian Business people who may consider sponsoring our program for its value as a service to the Christian Community, please get in touch with us. You can call myself, the programs producer, David McLauchlan, on 0430 314 213 or 0412 166 563, or contact me via Email at:

For more information see our sponsorship invitation brochure, available here as a pdf file.

About our Program:

Spirit of Life is a multi-denominational Christian program consisting of in depth interviews with people from all areas of Christian life, from many denominations across the whole range of the Christian Community.

The interviews for the program are filmed, sometimes several weeks ahead of the program going to air, in the C31 Community Studio, at the C31 offices, in the City.

One of the aims of the program is to show the diversity of the Christian Community both to itself and to the wider community.

It’s format gives the time for the in depth telling of the stories of the people interviewed. Lately, since last January we have been doing two programs in a row with most guests.

The program was originally started by myself, David McLauchlan and Mirella Rich (nee Killingsworth). Due to the birth of her child in December 2008 Mirella had to stop being involved with the program after being Co-producer and the main interviewer since it started in 2004. Because both myself and Mirella were from a Catholic background the program has featured many Catholic guests, though over the years we have also developed a lot of contacts across the wider Christian community.

Some of the guests the program has featured in the past year have included, Sam Clear, from Youth Mission Team Australia, who walked around the world for Christian Unity, Mark Bateman from Chaplaincy Australia, Sr. Rachel Fleurant from the Missionaries of God’s Love, Stewart Kohinga, a Christian musician, Jason Davies-Kildea, a Captain in the Salvation Army, Rev. Kevin Brown the Director of Studies of Kingsley Bible College and Alexandra Bekiaris a Christian Film Producer.

It is produced through the not for profit Community Television Incorporated Association, Northern Access Television, which is one of the member groups of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium, which owns and operates Melbourne C31.


For information about specific programs see our episodes page.

Streaming Video:

For Streaming Video Files of past episodes see our video page.

If you like our program, please consider emailing your friends who might be interested in seeing the program, particularly if they are overseas. Especially now that we have streaming video of the program available I would like to try to spread the word about our web site more widely.

Any feedback about the program and the web site is welcome as well, - Email me on

For more information about Melbourne's Channel 31 you can go to the stations Web Site at

For information about our production group, Northern Access Television, go to

I have started producing compilation DVD's with 4 episodes on each DVD. The first 3 that are available now all feature episodes that feature Catholic subjects. See our DVD Brochure for more information and an order form.

The programs main producer is myself, David McLauchlan - Ph: 0412 166 563

For more information about me see my Personal Web Site:

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